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There was an enormous push a few years back, well funded by some sort of a "concerned citizens" anonymous group , to ban all raw milk cheeses in Canada. For the sake of the babies, of course. (Won't someone think about the babies!)
Turned out it was funded by Saputo and other industrial dairy conglomerates! Pretty much wrote the legislation and funded some expensive election campaigns, with promise of more should the legislation pass. Funded several astroturf groups to provide the semblance of public support. All a very calculated cynical move to eliminate competition for their processed cheese product.

The risk of illness is on par with such common things as winning the lottery big prize, getting hit by a meteorite, dying in an act of terrorism etc. People with severely compromised immune systems are at higher risk of course, and should probably cut them from their diet along with anything not thoroughly boiled into a tasteless grey sludge.
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