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quote:Originally posted by ubishops

There was a photo of the destination but the moderator always takes the liberty of deleting some of my photos. There is a limit of 15 for me. Looks like the loser has too much time on his hands. By the looks of his profile photo it doesn't surprise me. I guess the amount that I get out rubs this guy the wrong way
Given that others provide this site for you to post your trips and pictures, it doesn't seem like a huge imposition to place some limit on the # of photos. I almost never look at more than, say, a dozen shots in one article, and fewer if the trip was in a commonly visited place like this.

So why don't you choose your best 15 for your articles and leave it at that? See which ones are of the same subject matter and post only the best of them.

No need to trash someone else or fill your mind with negative thoughts during these great hikes.
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