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For a single night trip it would usually be:

Bagel with loads of cream cheese + coffee

Clif Bars, Fruit leathers, gel shots, some form of chocolate bar

Varies. Sometimes cheese, sausage and crackers, sometimes a peanut butter and nutella wrap

If it's cold: Instant Noodles with a ziploc of cooked chiken, peppers, onions + cheese + Franks Hot Sauce (good for getting the circulation going before getting into my sleeping bag). If it's really cold I'll probably bring Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It solidifies like butter in the deep freeze so you can spread it on crackers or just add it with the noodles.

If it's warm: Dehydrated meal with a wrap and then just eat whatever I didn't get around to eating during the day.

I find there needs to be some comfort food included. Something to look forward to at the end of the day that isn't just calories for calories sake. Usually some form of chocolate or something else I usually wouldn't eat at home.
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