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It's been awhile since I've done a calorie count of my hiking food, but I know it's on the high side. I make most of my own food and sometimes sacrifice flavour a bit in favour of nutrition.

On the instant oatmeal front, I make my own. 100% anti-caking agent free, and I can control the amount of sugar. It works out to about $.75/serving. If I leave out the premium ingredients, about $.45/serving.

The recipe varies but the base is:

3 parts quick (not instant) oats
1 part instant quinoa flakes
1 part ground flax seed
pinch of dulse flakes
whole milk powder or whey powder

Coconut or ground almonds make a good addition, as does freeze-dried fruit.

One of the things I've learned about whey powder is that the protein content varies - standard whey powder is about 14% protein (not sure what the other 86% is). Not a big deal if you're looking for a boost to recipes but if you're counting grams of protein it's something to be aware of.
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