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I wanted to throw my two cents in aswell. The biggest problem I find with winter hiking/camping is dressing properly. The tendency is to wear too many clothes which makes you sweat during activity and makes you colder. Sweat and moisture are your worst enemy in the winter so Matt's clothing advice is probably the most important. You should always be trying to stay as dry as you can.
Also if you are camping eat something before going to bed this will get the furnace roaring and keep you warmer. Also wear a hat to bed cause you lose most of your heat through your head. Stick a water bottle of hot water in your sleeping bag with you, it will keep you warm and your drinking water won't be frozen in the morning.
Store waterbottles top down in your pack and ice will form at the bottom instead of the mouth of the bottle.
Take your dog with you if they are an outdoor breed and let him sleep next to you in the tent. There body temp is higher than ours. Voila instant heater, and they appreciate it too.
And my must have for winter is a thermos of hot drink, it does wonders when you are chilled.<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

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