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Thanks Eagle Ridge Hiker.
tu: nice hike in the pouring rain.
Thanks Yvonne.
Karl: I showed them Weart Mtn. where you were the day before and yes we were very fortunate that my parents let us spend 2 nights at their club.
Kelly: you'll have to join us sometime. Awesome hikes with views.
Nikki: Terrific set of photos! Love your funny ones (there's Whistler Mtn. and looking down at the fog!).

Also one thing I forgot to add to this report is that the mosquitoes were nasty! but only when we stopped. I had a long sleeve top on and my arms are covered in mosquito bites.

Also the second night in the hottub we met a lady from Coquitlam who told us that 5 yrs ago she had been attacked by an agressive and hungry black bear in her backyard. She showed us her injuries (arm. back. abs) and told us she had to have 100 staples to her head. Was in hospital for 23 days. Very lucky to be alive! I asked for her autograph. she laughed and later we realized we should have had our picture taken with her. Brave woman! and a positive spirit! Cool to have met her in person. I vaguely remember the media reports.
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