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This approach is terrific for people who love mountain biking. I did the Gorge Creek loop a few years ago and loved it. It is one of the best biking routes in the Rockies. You start at the Gorge Creek trailhead, 4 km fro mthe SR 546. It`s not the Ware Creek trailhead as I stated in my previous post). Gorge Creek is well named. There`s a well defined trail that takes you to the pass between Bluerock and Rose. It starts at the junction of Gorge Creek trail and the Threepoint trail. Originally I intended to do the north ridge as described by Daffern, but I ended up going straight up the face. The north ridge route starts right at the pass. You go up a scree slope and then you follow the ridge to the summit. The north ridge is a safer route, especially when the north face is covered in snow. Bluerock Mountain is a lot of fun and one of the most prominent mountains you can see from Calgary.
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