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There`s another route up Bluerock Mountain that I highly recommend. You start from the Ware Creek parking lot and you bike all the way to the Bluerock campground (I hope I got all the names right; don`t have the book with me). Don`t take the trail that goes to Mt. Ware. There are too many ups and downs. Instead bike north and then west towards the campground. The ride back down is awesome! From the campground take a trail that will land you between Mt. Rose and Bluerock Mtn. It`s a very nice spot. I`m gonna camp there one day. From there hike to the base of the north face of Bluerock Mountain and kick steps or slog up (if there`s no snow) directly to the summit. It`s a fun and the most direct route to the top of this beautiful mountain. You get to ride your mountain bike and climb a great mountain. It doesn`t get any better than this! I posted a few photos from this trip here: My round trip was 9 hours including 1 hour for breaks and a summit nap.
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