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quote:Originally posted by burnabyhiker

quote:Originally posted by Summit Wind

Special Resolution #1 passed at 91%

Special Resolution #2 failed at 54ish%

Special Resolution #3 fail at 33ish%
Absolutely no surprise. I bet 91% of those who voted for Resolution #1 have no idea what's in it.
I personally know 2 people, who aren't idiots, who voted YES on Special Resolution #1. They read what MEC said about it, but they said they couldn't find exactly what Special Resolution #1 is about.

When they found out EXACTLY what they voted for, they were horrified, as many things in that omnibus bill were completely against their values and ideals.

A Mark Latham stood up and spoke. He asked Bill Gibson, the MEC Board Chair, if he thought that the 91% of members who voted knew what they were looking for. Bill Gibson's reply was (paraphrased), "I don't not know, as I haven't polled each and every single one of them. I do have faith in the intelligence of our members to make the right decision."
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