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quote:Originally posted by mclay1234

I have the same stove and remember that removing the wire was *really* difficult! I used pliers and was pretty sure I was going to break it too. More force might be necessary.

On a related note, and this is going to make me sound completely dumb, but have you checked the orientation of the plastic fuel line on the pump? It's supposed to point in the opposite direction than the hard plastic pump part, like this: The reason I mention this is that after a winter of storage ours had twisted...the net result being that when the fuel bottle was on its side the fuel line was in an air space, hence giving a weak and sputtering flame. Despite the absurd simplicity of the problem, it took hours and several unnecessary cleanings for me to finally realize what was going on - I'd just assumed it was dirty and didn't even know that line could twist! I doubt anyone else would miss this, but just in case I thought I'd mention it.
Keep in mind that these fuel lines are supsect to not only the above situation but also water in the fuel and contaminants. I clean my line more often than once per year. Maintaining these stove fuel lines is like maintaining an aircraft turbine engine fuel line. They are quite similar in appearance and function. It's important to do it often, especially the fuel line and don't forget to use the supplied lubricant. (they forget to mention that)
1. Scour Fuel Line
2. Remove Cable from Fuel Line with Jet and Cable Tool.
Stubborn cables can be loosened with a common lubricant (WD-40™, Pump Cup Oil, etc.).
3. Fully reinsert Cable into Fuel Line.
4. Move Cable in and out with 5-inch (13-cm) strokes approximately 20 times.
5. Wipe Cable clean.

Water and contaminants will effect and corode the inside of the fuel line housing and that is why I clean the line more often.
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