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A little out of your way - at least the area you're talking about, but you could look a little further west to the Purcells as well. Delphine Creek to Delphine Glacier might be ok, Lake of the Hanging Glacier is a great one. The trail is good although the bridge was out last year and you can scramble the shoreline to the glacier and if you're lucky there may be icebergs in the lake. Maybe the best one for getting close to glaciers and some awesome views is to go the Bugaboos. There is one ladder but the trail is straightforward to the Kain Hut or the campground at Applebee Dome.

When I read your other post, my first reaction was that you were asking for alot. Assiniboine, Robson, Lake Louise and Lake O'Hara are highlights of highlights in the Rockies. There have been some great suggestions already and in the end no matter where you go you will be in a fantastic place and sharing it with your child.
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