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quote:Originally posted by Engor

That must be a very unique book for $835. My guess is it's either blessed by the Roman Pope or signed by Oprah

You can find it for close to $20.00 in MEC and I assume in some other outdoor stores (Atmosphere, Campus Village). Actually, I don't think you need the book just for these two trails. You can get the area map with the trail description in Roger's Pass Visitor Centre.

Ice-axe or better yet microspikes can come handy if there is remaining snow on the trail. Once the snow is gone (perhaps late July, ask at the visitor centre) you won't need them. Hope it helps.

quote:Originally posted by qwimjim
Glacier Crest seems pretty straightforward, Perley Rock seems like a difficult hike? In the trip reports I've seen mention of bring an ice axe? Do you know where to buy Gotta Hike BC? I can't seem to find it anywhere except on Amazon for $835
I found an old Rogers Pass topo in my pile of maps so I'll skip the $835 book So late summer (if the snow is gone) Perley Rock is a straightforward hike, just tiring? It looks fantastic so if it's a nice trail, good footing, no boulder hopping or scrambling (seeing as how i'll have an infant strapped to my chest) i'd love to check it out. Thanks for all the advice!
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