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The Crypt Lake trail is regularly exalted as THE BEST HIKE IN CANADA or THE ONE HIKE TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE and TOTALLY EXTREME.
It is a nice hike, and I can see how it would feel fairly intense to people who only ever hike official parks-maintained trails, but it's far from the best hike ever. Speaking of the scenery, I found Carthew-Alderson to be more attractive with better views.

Definitely for you, the good trailed Carthew-Alderson would be better than Crypt Lake which does have some sections that might be awkward with an infant. but please have a look at the thread posted and the photos of Carthew-Alderson to decide for yourself. We had a problem with one guy last year who has a lower safety tolerance than apparently the rest of the Alberta board, and freaked out when he decided it was an extreme trail. No need to repeat that incident.

If 'drama' for you is found by glaciers and icefields, you are right that you won't find it in Waterton. Waterton is beautiful for its colours - red, purple, green rock that you won't see many other places. It also has beautiful alpine meadows and many species of flowers not found elsewhere in the Rockies. That said, coming in September means you miss out on the flowery meadows no matter where you go in the Rockies. In fact, while I love the weather in early- to mid-September, it's one of the low points for scenery, since all the flowers are gone, but the fall larch colours haven't yet come in. That might seriously diminish anywhere you go compared to having been here in flower season.

If you want sweeping views of icefields, you need to scramble. We have plenty of that.
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