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Especially for a family group, making meals you can cook together in a pot will likely be lighter and smaller than carrying individual MREs for each person.
Start with chili. It's nearly foolproof. Use whatever chili recipe you like at home, and just cut your vegetables and meat into fairly small pieces.
Then take your finished chili, lay it out in a thin layer on a piece of parchment paper on a baking tray, put it in the oven on your oven's lowest setting, and leave the door cracked.
check on it after an hour, and then another hour. When it starts to look dry-ish, start checking it more frequently. When the part you can see looks very dry, use a flipper to flip it all over and expose the other side. Keep going until it's dry too, then mix it up, break into bits, and dry until everything seems dry.
To rehydrate, boil water, put into chili. Let it sit for 10min to soak, then simmer a few minutes until it tastes done.
One pot, super simple, cooks for a bunch of people. Packs very small.
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