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In the "summer" of 1974 I worked at Stikine Camp, which was at Conglomerate Creek. Stikine Camp was one of the construction camps on the line to Dease Lake. It was operated by Keene Construction. I was a summer student and worked in the camp kitchen. Started at 4am and worked until 8pm, doing split shifts 7 days a week. I have always wanted to return as the terrain and the animals were great. We flew into a remote airstrip about 1 hour from the camp in a DC3, like the ones used in Ice Pilot NWT except this one had web seats. Later we flew out of a newly construction airstrip that was closer. I remember the D-9 Cats building the strip and the ground moving in a wave like fashion as the Cats moved over the ground. The most interesting thing here was the caribou. You would think that they would be scared of the equipment and noise but they just continued to feed feet away from the construction. I will get back.
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