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quote:Originally posted by Kathryne

I have one, and I love it. I have responded with my experience in one of the other threads. It smokes at inital start, but is smoke-free once it heats up and the fan is running. It took me 10 minutes to find enough fuel to burn for over an hour. You do need to keep stoking it, but it's no more of a pain than trying to keep my food from burning on my <s>blow torch</s>, er, whisperlite.

Fast boil, and I was able to delicately toast some garlic bread on it without burning just by controlling fan speed and the amount of fuel.

Biolite is coming out with a grill attachment this spring as well.

As for charging, it charged my gopro pretty quickly when I had a good burn going.
Question, about the biolite, I know the whisperlite has no controls for simmering, but does the biolite? Just curious.

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