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quote:Originally posted by johngenx

Some, but your EMR is more comprehensive in terms of anatomy and treatment. The main difference is in learning what constitutes the scope of practice with respect to "wilderness setting" as defined as two hours from ALS. As an example, you can do a spinal clear in the field in a wilderness setting. You also cease CPR after 30 min in a wilderness setting, where in an urban environment, it's until ALS arrives.

The WFR (80 hour) also deals with rescue and evac techniques that are unique to wilderness settings, so how to use sleeping bags, pads, poles, axes, skis, etc as first aid materials. Dealing with hypothermia is a big WFR topic.

If you take EMR and then WFR, you're going to be repeating a lot of stuff, but the last 20hrs or so will be quite interesting. Many go the other route. If you're thinking of taking WFR, contact some providers and let them know you have EMR and ask if they have the WFR-upgrade or something similar that would save you some dough and repeating of information. I originally did my WFA-40hour and then took the WFR upgrade which was another 40 hours.
Different in Alberta than BC if that's the case. In BC, generally speaking, CPR is ceased after 30 minutes, and most of the province doesn't have ALS.

I still maintain my AWFA even though I'm a primary care paramedic in BC. It's not so much the content, but the environment. It's good to know how to and practice working with other outdoors people to improvise your way through an illness or injury in the wilderness. Unless you're actually getting patient contacts on a frequent basis in the wilderness, which you're not, getting your AWFA and re-certing every 3 years is an excellent way to keep up the skills.
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