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quote:Originally posted by Kootenay Kid
For sure, some government workers definitely get a per diem rate for SAR. I don't know whether it is the same as they would get paid at work, but when I was in Nelson SAR, there were definitely folks getting paid for going out on calls during work time.
I'm curious what your position was and who these government workers are who got per diems. I've been in SAR for about 8 years and have never seen anyone get a per diem as a SAR volunteer

You know, we met once on a course a few years ago in Rossland. In any case, without going into personal specifics, these are people working for the regional government. They got paid a per diem by their organization when they were on call-outs during work hours. I know other government companies in the area also did this. Weren't my business to inquire into how much the per diem was. But, that never seems to stop people poking their nose in.

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