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I'm looking forward to some "out-of-bounding" tomorrow. But i'm armed with knowledge of the area and terrain, a map and ability to use it, good sense with lots of alternate plans available, conservative avy decisioning, avalanche training and practice, competent partners, leaving my plan with someone i can trust, 10 essentials, the proper equipment (avy gear, splitboard, with skins and poles, extra layers, first aid kits), etc. etc. etc.

And guess what I do this kind of thing often (gasp!) and so do many I know, and I can honestly say none of us have ever required SAR's services or been in any truly bad situations. We know the risks, keep it conservative and have so far managed a perfect safety record with 100's of incredible days of backcountry sliding enjoyment in the mountains of BC and abroad.

Though I do agree that many "out-of-bounders" are woefully ill-prepared with little knowledge of what they're getting into and certainly no idea what they don't know, making bold and poor decisions. It is a problem, education is key, but let's not paint such broad strokes of all "out-of-bound" skiers and boarders in our mountains.
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