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quote:Originally posted by Kootenay Kid

Just another thought.
Yes, the system has worked more or less the way it is set up but it is not ideal. The expectations on SAR groups is that they run as corporations with policies and procedures and follow all worksafe legislation. The number of volunteer hours that have to be devoted to that and the cost associated is a deterrent to many volunteers. I've also had many calls where members cannot attend due to work committments. There is no stable funding so even if there are no calls for the group they have fixed costs to insure their equipment, licence their radios, pay their phone bills etc, just to "keep the doors open"

Another point of clarification for those that don't know. NSR will not have to fundraise for the $100,000 that the rescue cost. There are reimbursement rates that cover the actual cost of the tasks but the day to day operations are not funded nor is the purchase of necessary equipment. The volunteers take a great deal of pride in doing this and it shows in the professionalism and the equipment and training that they bring to the table. To a lot of people that dont know otherwise, it would be easy to mistake them for paid professionals.
I appreciate you setting the record straight and broadening my perspective on the matter. I thought the collective agreement I worked under had provision for covering search&rescue, but I no longer have a copy to check.
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