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quote:Originally posted by Kid Charlemagne

quote:Originally posted by brucew

What about posting pictures of idiot out of bounds people who had to get rescued because they were stupid enough to think it would not happen to them, near the ski lifts and lodges.
Public humiliation goes a long way as it puts a face to the story .
Sure, but let's be fair, these rescues are a drop in the bucket compared to other costs incurred by the province by people's negligent behaviour. So brucew, in the spirit of fairness, let us also publicly humiliate the following:

- smokers who incur healthcare costs related to smoking
- overweight or obese people who incur healthcare costs due to lifestyle choices
- anyone who causes a car accident requiring emergency services or hospitalization
- anyone who receives long-term disability payments for accidents caused by their own undue care or negligence
- in-bounds skiers or boarders who choose to ski or board beyond their ability and require rescue/extrication/ambulance/hospital services for in-bounds accidents
- anyone on social assistance
- anyone that uses a food bank because they can`t afford their own food

I think you get the point.

Last time I checked you could not die within 48 hrs from smoking or being a pig at the buffet.

Your "argument" reminds me of the pro-gun advocate who says assault rifles should not be banned because "cars and booze kill people too".

Google comparative reasoning and come back to us with a correct comparison.
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