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quote:Originally posted by Kid Charlemagne

quote:Originally posted by sgRant

While all of the non-government SAR groups are volunteer, many of the volunteers are paid through provisions in collective agreements. Similar to compensation for jury work.
What do you mean by 'non-government SAR group'? Groups like North Shore Rescue are provincially regulated entities. While they are staffed by volunteers, I think referring to them as 'non-government' is misleading, as they are part of the provinces emergency framework.

And this idea that "many of the volunteers are paid through provisions in collective agreements" simply isn't true. What are you basing that on?
As smac said, I used the term "non-government" to distinguish NSR-type groups from paid professionals directly employed by government. While NSR-type groups certainly coordinate with government agencies, I don't think they're government agencies.

I have the impression that some collective agreements provide for members to do things like jury duty and search and resecue on paid time. I also believe some salaried people don't lose pay or have to make up time used for search and rescue. But your challenge is valid because I don't have any proof I can post.
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