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If you're hiking at or below tree line in the very wet/sleety wet coast of BC (i.e. near Sooke in Winter). I would bring 5'x8' siltarp, some paracord, full tang knife you can baton with (doesn't have to be too long or big -- I highly recommend Falkniven F1), flint, fire starter (cardboard egg carton section filled with lint and melted wax), couple OB tampons (fire starter plus bandage), goretex socks, primaloft belay jacket with hood (no down), first aid kit, headlamp, wool toque, wool gloves, wool socks, wear wool wherever you can, small pot / wide-mouth singe-walled stainless steel water bottle and 1 extra meal. Lots of deep snow -- add snow shovel. Most of this gear would be either on my person or in my outdoor EDC bag regardless (except belay jacket and potential snow shovel).

I consider at or around zero degrees when its a mix between rain / snow / sleet to be the most dangerous for hypothermia -- highest likelihood for being wet and cold. Down can be lethal under those conditions.

Above tree line/significantly sub-zero -- different story.
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