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I probably came off a little paranoid in my original post. I like the tip about watching your stuff a little closer in the popular campgrounds and taking your "more expensive" gear.

I know on a number of occasions you can tell at a glance if the people are questionable. Just the other weekend while at Skagit, Jimbo and I saw a couple guys smashing logs and bashing rocks near the river... We thought for a moment - albeit a brief one.. Let's just keep moving and set up camp down this way a few KM...

I haven't really heard of any theft from people I have talked to, but I do wonder, which is why I posed the question. My guess is that most of it would occur in the car camping kind of areas. I've also never had a problem with car breakins at trailheads.. I guess it pays not to wash your car for 3 months before you head up somewhere.. ehheheeh <img src=icon_smile_evil.gif border=0 align=middle>

It's always interesting though to hear if something else happened. That way I can learn what not to do - and not the hard way...

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