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quote:Originally posted by Kid Charlemagne

Cherry Pirate, your red herring showed up in the first couple of paragraphs of the front page article in the most recent edition. While you may consider it a red herring, others obviously feel there is merit to the notion.
You have misunderstood my use of red herring. It's a red herring because it does not affect this debate. I know hand cleaning does wonders, I suppose I shouldn't take it personally that you wouldn't assume I knew that since you don't really know me. What I meant was, in the same way that you excused the discussion of other enforced vaccines as irrelevant to our concerns, the hand washing and rest of it was irrelevant. Not irrelevant to the prevention of influenza and its transmission, but irrelevant to making a case for or against the enforced flu vaccination amongst health workers.

As I said before, I agree with both assertions without contradiction.
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