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quote:Originally posted by KARVITK

I think it is just a question of information given to all; and how we evaluate the risk of the vaccination versus the risk of not vaccinating.

I have had tetanus shots; but never for flu. Simply relied on own system to carry through; As I am aware a good healthy lifestyle helps in vigorous frequent activity, good diet and nutrition, good rest, etc... to naturally boost own immune system.

This is certainly wise but it's not just about you getting sick. It's about carrying the virus while you don't get sick but your immune system is still coping with contamination.

Also, I don't think people are giving enough credit to the fact that when the predictions ARE accurate they reduce infection by as much as 80% and as low as 50%. The weather channel makes poor predictions but I don't resent bringing an umbrella as much as do not. I still think the intrusion is extremely minor and the benefit can be very substantial.
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