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2 Horses and mule, 3 bridles and 2 saddles, 4 1/2 steaks each and fixings, rifle and ammo, canvas tent and rope, air tight stove, 5 pound axe and cross cut saw, compass and map.

A horse each and a mule to pack all the luxury stuff. You can go light and use only one horse, very cozy, very sexy.
Enough steaks and fixings for each day and you should only need a half steak each for lunch on the last day.
When the vicious wild animals smell your steaks they will want some or all of it. Blast any thing from chipmunks to grizly bears. Watch out for those nasty, sneaky snafflehounds. They are fearless, smart and can steal your underware off you if you are not holding on to it well taking a dump.
Nioe roomy ten by twelve canvas tent, anything else is going too, too light and the rope to throw all the gear in it and tie to the pack mule with square knots.
Nice big 20 cubic meter air tight stove with no pipes, the smoke will find it's way out of the tent pipe hole when it fills the tent up and chases out the squitters. Nice large axe for making kindling and a cross cut saw to cut through those large 20cm log branches.
Compass and map in case you loss that great big horse trail and have to find your way bushwacking through thick alders, cliff bluffs and big deep gullies.

Oh, this is for hiking. How stupid of me.
Well now, the seven most important stuff to bring well hiking:
A multi-use bra that does not ride up and can be used for a cup, pot or water container, or you can use the breathable type and use as gas mask in case of forest fire and to much smoke in area or at night if you build a fire.
Bakini for personal hygiene of dayly baths in nice cold tarns.
Bic lighter to use as 2 second flashlight by flicking the bic and flint light after the gas is used up.
Duct tape for flagging so you can find your way back and it has other uses such as taping your boyfriend up so he does not bother you during the night so you can sleep good.
All the right pills, cocaine, speed, tylenol with codeine, birth control, and the right vitamins to take the place of food.
Some one who knows where he is going. If the boy friend doesn't, discard him and get a girl friend, they have a better sense if direction since they get a lot of practise dodging guys.
One of those do hickies that I call help find me gadgets so you can get a nice helicopter ride out of the wilderness when you feel you don't want to hike any farther.
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