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I don't think "uniting the Rockies" is a good idea. The Rockies are not united anymore than the Cascades are united.

Also there are something like 10 years of trip reports in different forums at the moment. Any change in the geographic division of the forums means some poor schnook like Jim has to go and manually refile all those old reports. Changing any legacy system gets harder the older it is and this one is no exception.

Finally Google doesn't care which forum your trip report is in. It will find a 2-year old TR for Lake O'hara just as easily in the BC forum as in the AB forum. Therefore the only argument in support of the one-Rockies forum is the vanity one: "more of the people who matter will read my TR if it's in the forum they look at all the time."

Strip away that vanity and focus on writing a quality TR that people will read no matter where it is.

Edit: In other words, STFU Albertans. Go back to pumping your fossilized transfats through other provinces backyards. [)]
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