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quote:Originally posted by zeljkok

quote:Originally posted by ecoulthard

I agree with Rachelo. Top priority is to Unite the Rockies. Further subdivision of BC would be icing on the cake.
I am with you eric and rachelo. But it is also about site in general, not just one area that satisfies smaller percentage of users. Park based division could look too fragmented in Alberta as this forum doesn't see many posts; in BC it would not be the case.
I just don't want this to get lost in questions about how BC could be better divided. I'd rather leave that up to its own debate and not wait Alberta/Rockies pending such an outcome which is likely a much bigger discussion with many more opinions that could probably stand to have its own thread. Sure, more can be done, but if we can satisfy a smaller percentage of users without inconveniencing anyone else, it can be worth doing without needing a whole redesign.

I suggest the BC Rockies thing because on its own, I think it would be a pretty non-contentious issue that we could do something about easily and stop discussing in every affected TR.

quote:Originally posted by Dru

I've done a couple trips that crossed the border between BC and WA but I didn't clamour for a unified Cascades Forum...
That's nice. I guess we won't need a thread on unifying the Cascades. Do you have a problem with uniting the Rockies?
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