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quote:Originally posted by rustysheep

And... we're back on track.

From what I'm reading here it sounds more likely that it was some kind of equipment failure. I'm still fairly new to climbing so I may be incorrect (a little knowledge is a dangerous thing). It states that the anchors were good and that they have an idea of what happened based on some photos and gear still attached. The part that makes me think it was some kind of failure is the final statement "There is no fault between either one of them". If one forgot to tie a knot in the end of the rope or didn't use their equipment properly that would constitute some form of fault. I'm interested in finding out what happened exactly so that we can all learn from this. It was certainly in the back of my head while climbing last night and it will no doubt be with me in Skaha this weekend.

Happy climbing everyone! Keep it safe.

quote:CALGARY - Sources have identified the second person who died during a tragic rock climbing accident near Canmore, Alta.

Ranjit Sidhu, 31, of Calgary and Jane Vuong, 25, plunged about 100 metres to their deaths Sunday afternoon while rappelling off a rock face in the Heart Creek day use area, about 80 km west of Calgary.

The two were on a six-pitch, 180-metre long climbing route called Sciatica on the Amphitheatre Wall area of Heart Creek.

One came off the rope and as there was nothing to hold the other, the rope pulled through the anchor.

Mike Koppang, Kananaskis Public Safety Specialist, said Monday a photo taken of the pair rappelling before the fall and the gear that was still attached to them gave officials an idea of what happened.

Permanent bolts are fixed to the rock face, but there is no indication anything was wrong with them.

"What we have is a tragic accident," said Staff Sgt. Brad Freer with Canmore RCMP.

"There is no fault between either one of them."

- With files from Damien Wood

I don't think the RCMP should be speaking about climbing safety.
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