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Yeah, we were there the beginning of September 2010 and that sign was brand new. The area had burned within a week before we were there; there was still some fire activity right along the highway just east of the park boundary, and significant plumes of smoke from across the north side of Anahim Lake. The Crystal and Octopus Lake trails were closed but Rainbow had been freshly cleared. Cross-country above the tree line (or more accurately the willow line) seems pretty straightforward as long as visibility is good, though some of those low ridges might be confusing so we'll need to brush up on our routefinding skills.

It was just before Labour Day weekend and we just saw two people at the trailhead who'd just come out, and two more people on a day hike. We did spot a few caribou way off on the ridge to the north, several marmots, not much bird life except for a few scaup and pintail on the lakes.
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