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Default Pemmican! Get yer ancient Pemmican!

This may be of special interest to only a few. (, is that you?)

I have a small chunk of honest-to-god traditional pemmican: moose meat, bear fat and wild blueberries. About 10 years old sitting in my emergency kit. (Pretty good, huh? 10 years, hundreds of trips, never once did I need to eat this immortal, sustaining and really quite boring food.)

After 10 years I decided it had reached it's best-before date, got a fresh 150 grams of equally traditional pemmican for my kit from my "dealer", and if anyone wants to see just what real pemmican is after 10 years of bouncing in a pack just let me know.

It's not that it's any sort of culinary delight. Trust me, I have a fine appreciation for good food well prepared and served, and this stuff ain't that! It is very dense, nutritious, unbelievably durable (really, durability is it's best quality), perfectly non-poisonous not matter what you do to it. And boring as heck, I'm so glad to live in an age that I can buy French cheese, bread and wine and take it to a spot with wild mussels.
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