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Default Backpacking and bail handle pots

My last trip I'd done a bit bit of cooking over an open fire (quite doable for beach camping), and wondered what thoughts on Bail handle pots are. I'm also planning on hitting the West Coast Trail next year, as well as other coastal hikes seeing as I live on an island. I just found that juggling the pot onto and off the fire with side handles was a pain.

Most backpacking pots these days are designed for stoves, so bail handles seem less common. Does anyone have any advice for (lightweight) campfire cooking? Would you use a light wire (i.e. bike brake cable) for suspension or just directly hang pots off sticks?

My largest pot right now is a 1L stainless Crappy Tire special, so I'm definitely looking at something a little bigger (for 2+ people). Currently eyeing the TOAKS 1600ml pot, 210g with lid, includes bail handle.

Thoughts, advice?
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