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quote:Originally posted by alpalmer

about what time of year are you going? I have done some touring and would suggest doing a test ride of your gear over a 2 or 3 day trip so that you can figure out the intricacies of packing. I was amazed how much unnecessary gear I brought along the first few times as well as the need for balancing the load on the bike. I'm always concerned about bike breakdowns so it might be prudent to locate possible repair shops along your route if you aren't self-sufficient for replacement parts.

But there are some very experienced cyclists on Clubtread, much more so than I, who can probably get you going. Good luck
We were going to go in May, but I've been have a rough time raising the money for The Ride, so I've decided I don't want to lose two weeks of potential fundraising time. Next available time I think is probably going to be august. A little hotter than I like, but I'll get by. On the plus side, I think we'll be able to fit in the shorter rides you are mentioning. I doubt there are many repair shops in the islands (maybe Mayne and Saltspring). What sort of gear failure, besides the obvious tires, can I expect?
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