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Default Morfee Mountain, May 5, 2014.

If ever you are in Mackenzie (Ha ha.. No, seriously, it could happen! Powder King is 45 minutes away), and want to check out the view from the top of Morfee Mountain..

(The snowbound one in the middle)

you COULD drive right to the top in the summer (there's a service road for the cell towers up there)..

But if you want a TR-worthy trek, you can cross-country ski or snowshoe to the top, a 25km round trip..

And that's what I decided to do, a little too late for snowshoes all the way, annoyingly..

I set out about 8, and went about 1/4 of the way up before I had to put on snowshoes. If I had gotten up earlier I could have made it up farther still before doing this.

My goal in sight..

I'd heard reports of bears, so made sure I made plenty of noise, and had my bear spray handy. I get more freaked out if I'm by myself, but again, the people I had lined up bailed..

I picked a good day for it, though.. Blue bomber the whole way up, +20C. I ended up burning my face and neck pretty good! Good thing I wore my long-sleeve..

My first view of Mackenzie, and the pulp mill beyond (and Williston lake beyond that)..

My thoughts exactly.. As in "Jesus, what an *$#@ idiot".. >

The snow was pretty mushy, as there obviously hadn't been any sledders up this way in quite some time, and the weather has been sunny and warm lately..

Quiet and peaceful, as well.. Ironic that that is the only time I notice how bad my tinnitus is. 18 years of working in a mill..

Home stretch (well, not really, then I just get to go all the way back down)..

And with this view I have a bite at 12:30..

No wildlife spotted but for these ptarmigan, and 2 bald eagles circling above that I couldn't get a decent shot of, unfortunately..

I push on to the 2nd set of towers at the top of the 2nd peak so I can get a good 360.. The wind started gusting a bit, and the clouds rolled in, but still very mild and I could have gotten away with my baselayer still..

Obligatory selfie..

I started heading down at a little over 2..

Stopped by the sledder cabin on the way down.

The way down was uneventful, but for even softer snow (was hoping to glissade, but my butt sank immediately), and the knee pain I experienced last on Viking Ridge set in again.. I'd go see someone, but I have a feeling it would go like this:

Down by 5:30, so 9 hours, 1000ft of elevation gain.. Was pretty bushed.

Car 1 is where I parked, car stop is where I could have made it till, snow S on = snowhoes..

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