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I picked up the Garmin 62s when it first came out.

The power button is improved (my 60CSx power button stopped working properly - it is basically a small plastic tube beneath the rubberized button, so if it breaks or goes off centre, you're screwed).

Like the 60CSx, there are too many useless features. The interface on the 60CSx is easier to use, and requires less navigation to do important things like turning on and off tracking. With the 62, I still haven't figured out how to display old tracks when I'm travelling, mapping, and walking around (I should probably read the manual again).

MapSource kicks butt over BaseCamp. Fortunately, I can boot up Windows on my Mac so that I can use the superior software.

Both are rugged, and have good reception. I do like the built in carabiner attachment on the new 62. I find the tracking is pretty accurate and I get good reception. When first turning it on though, you have to use Waypoint Averaging to get your starting location. This can take forever (like 5 minutes)!
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