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quote:Originally posted by ubishops

I'm really wondering about the accuracy now of Google Earth since I just uploaded my data from a Lynn Peak trip the other weekend and if I move my mouse around the area that would appear to be the peak, the highest I can get is 700m. The book says that Lynn Peak is 920 meters. I know that my GPS read that on the peak becuase I remember looking at it when I reached the top. So now I wonder if the elevation readings on Google Earth are off or the maps themselves are off - if I move my cursor in Goodle Earth to the right some (which is way outside the expected accuracy range of a few meters - I mean (like 100-300 off), I get elevations around the 900m range.

Near the supposed top:

Zoomed out:

I'm not sure if this would matter but check your datum setting on the GPS unit. What is it currently set to?

FWIW, I have found the Google Maps to be extremely accurate. Whether I take a waypoint from my GPS unit or from an external source (such as Bivouac,) it is almost always placed almost exactly in the right spot on the map.

On the other hand, there are times when my GPS is clearly wrong; especially in dense tree cover or with low batteries.
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