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A trick around this ubishop is installing the garmin fitness watch software which you can download for free. This then allows you to download and install mapsource. I have used this trick on a friends PC and it works. I found that info on the internet.. try to google it.

Or I'm not sure if you can just download basecamp as that is the newest software.

Bottom line if you need anything please contact me directly as I have all the software. As well TOPO canada and TOPO USA


I found it

quote:Originally posted by ubishops

quote:Originally posted by Steventy

Do you have Garmin Mapsource? Normally I just download my tracks to that program and then go "View in Google Earth"
That looks like a good program - only thing though is that it seems to be only available if you purchase any map product which I haven't yet. Just have the GPS - been reading quite a few reviews that say the TOPO Canada maps for example have lots of errors. I guess that I'll have to buy some map product though to get that software:

On another note, anyone know if Google Maps is accurate as far as coordinates. I transferred my waypoints to Google Earth - almost all of them good except that my Garibaldi Outhouse Junction and Black Tusk/Panorama Ridge waypoints show up in the lake lol I know these waypoints were taken at the right locations so either the GPS or Google Earth is incorrect. Perhaps the answer is in how Goole Earth stitches the various maps together. Or perhaps the actual GPS satellite that day was off when I marked them. Any thoughts? It's funny - not sure if it's more accurate in the city. At the office today I took an outside reading just a few meters apart and was able to pick up the difference when I plotted them in Google Earth.

Found another pretty cool tool which seems to be similar to Google Earth/Maps Street View which allows you to easily transfer a point on the map to your GPS as a waypoint:

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