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Default Good diet for extreme hiking in tropcial regions

to start, I am vegetarian. Not vegan, but no actual flesh (meat). I eat eggs. This is a belief thing against animal cruelty, and thus eating meat just isnt an option, sorry. I want to try and maintain a healthy diet, not extreme body builders muscle building diet, which is all i have been able to find so far.

The situation is this, for work i have a new contract to do lots of mountain stuff, but the pack can be extremely heavy, up to 60kg (not pounds). Usually it is around 30-35kg, I have done this for a few years already, the difference being i used to do it 1-3 times a week with a day+ break in between, now it will be almost everyday. I will be hiking very very extreme areas, mostly steep loose rock areas cutting through vines, and it is very tiring. Not staying overnight, and will be scrambling up and down to and from a vehicle, so access to food is easy and packing food in is not an issue. meaning it can be heavy, i do not need anything but small snacks with me, and will go back to truck to eat more meaningful mini-meals.

The big problem is diet and energy. I need lots but diet is my least advanced skill set. I am taking these tablets that are meant for dehydration/mineral reloading. the pharmacy here says they are fine to take daily, I explained i am a runner and need more than water. But i dont trust that, especially seeing as they are bright orange and bubble in water for 5 mins...seems weird. the temps range a lot, but can go up to 35C. Right now in winter its nice, only about low-mid 20s in the day, but sometimes i need to do at night as well, much cooler then but slower due to being dark and more dangerous.

I am fit enough, my body is able, but i need the proper food and am now realizing that i am VERY much not prepared to do this everyday.

Lastly, if possible describe food types, not brand names as I am in SE Asia and many brands are just not available here, but their ingredients likely are. We do have costco though!

Thanks for any tips.

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