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Default Cross country skiing and winter camping

Hi - I'm looking for some advice about Nordic skiing.

I enjoy winter camping and want to find a way to get a little further and a little faster. For instance, the elfin trip would be a lot nicer without the long 6 km down from red heather. I don't enjoy down hill skiing so I have no need or desire for speed.

Does anyone else use Nordic skis for winter camping?
Would cross country skiing be an option for me to replace/augment snowshoeing?
Would the skis have enough float with a 30lb pack, and traction to travel up gentle slopes, like those found on the garibaldi Neve (I plan another Neve trip this year and would prefer to ski rather than snowshoe, if possible)
What about side hilling with xcountry skis?
Is there anything I'm missing that could cause problems with this as an option?

Thanks for the time!
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