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Default Spambots Registering In CT System & Sending Msgs

Spambots are registering through the user registration, and there should be a stronger registration process to eliminate it, extra trick questions or better captcha (character verification) should be set up. Just got a spambot message from tinakoutoua through CT.

tinakoutoua registered user since: 11/15/2013
My Dear, In confidence,I have to introduce myself for I am Miss Tina Koutoua Tegro, the only child of late Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Koutoua Tegro, I wish to request for your assistance in my efforts to procure the transfer of my inherited funds for investment ventures Overseas which was secured in one prime bank here in my country by my father before his death. The amount is five million dollars( $ ) Deposited in a Suspense account ...

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