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Thanks everyone.

Cody [:I]

Janice - only this time I got the fancy ride!

Kelsey that route was a consideration. Our final decision was basically based in ease of travel on the road traverse south, dense matchstick young forest on the slopes to the west of that road and then this:

quote:We followed it for a bit until it became a little too thick with alder and immature fir to make for efficient travel. We had to make a decision whether to continue traversing this side of the ridge and head for the steep gully near Church summit, likely the crux of the route; or to cross the ridge to its west side and pick up an old road heading up the broad creek valley toward Old Baldy. We decided to gamble and go for the steep gully, which we were hoping would give us a better chance of completing a loop.
And what we'd seen on Google Earth, namely this:

The drop down the other side would see us lose some elevation, traverse the slopes under Church's summit on the west side before we reached the next reasonable (we think) gully. It was a bit longer and it certainly had its fair share of brush. The road we were on would have eventually brought us near the ridge crest and then we'd need drop down the other side approx 100m but the road itself was getting quite thick with Alder(Closer to a BW3-4) when we made our decision to head up the gully between Church and her sub summit.
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