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Default McNaught Peak(Silver Lake)

McNaught Peak is a nice looking Spire next to Devils Tongue above Silver Lake. Silver Lake is surrounded by a knot high mtns which stand between Chilliwack and Ross Lakes just S of the border(that's why this report shows up in Washington). The easiest way to access this area is via Depot Crk near the S end of Chilliwack L. McNaught hasn't been climbed very many times and has an appearance of difficulty. It only has 200' prominence which would make it less of a target. Jack Bryceland and Gordon Longmiur made the first ascent in 1965 via the West Ridge traversing from Mt Rahm. That is the only sane route on the mountain. The climb of the North Face by Harold R and John M a decade and a half later was somewhat ballsy. A look down that face reveals a couple of thousand feet of 65 degree scree! A couple of people climbed McNaught via the W Ridge this year, July 6, 2013.

So why this Peak? It looks fantastic, has a slightly "remote" feel, and the Depot Creek area with the high and scenic Silver Lake is just a great destination for hikers and Mountaineers.

The Chilliwack Lake rd has been graded and from shortly past the very pot holy section at the start, it was 40 kph all the way to Paleface Crk. The Depot Crk rd is 3.3k long and easily navigated with a stock chevy tracker. A 2wd pickup could do it, with only 1 short rough spot at 2.3k.
My leaning had something to do with the trees[] Depot Creek is a fine ancient forest with a nice old growth feel to it. The trail starts as 40 min of roadway, then crossing the Border(get your permits and permission) the trail continues up to the base of a headwall. A steep climbers trail continues up to a subalpine basin under the north face of Redoubt.
A great stream for photos!
Mushrooms every couple of meters(10,20,30 varieties?).
At the base of the headwall is also the bottom of an amazing waterfall, the trail skirting by its base on the left. The rock is smooth and slippery and has some ropes to facilitate movement. The stream must have changed because it has become a problem in more recent years. This is the place you'll (may)get a total soaking. By the time I was through the hundred meters I was completely wet. I had taken the time to prepare but could have had gloves on as well. It is cold and somewhat scary on account of the very slippery rock and the icy cold driving water and mist! The first pic is looking down the route.
At he top of the headwall, Mt Redoubt with its hanging glacier lords it over you.
Ouzel L is several kilometers away, under the glaciers at the top left of this pic. You skirt the basin on its left, keeping between the rock slides on the left and the stream on the right at its base. Follow cairns and work you way up the rocky valley to the basin at the end. Ouzel Lake basin a barren but grand setting with rumbling glaciers rimming one side.
American Dipper, they swim, they sing, they dive, they catch bugs, and they dip. They are constantly dipping, a major OCD issue.
It took about 6 hours to my camp spot, and a welcome zephyr blew the bugs away. A thoroughly alpine landscape.
lots of place to camp on alluvial bars.
Tomorrow I'll be attempting this Peak.
Devils Tongue on the right with McNaught on the left.
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