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Default Crossover Memory Test - Sep 8 2013

We were up to the Slesse Propellor Cairn last weekend and decided on Crossover Pass for this weekend. Our daughter Theresa was up for a hike, so we invited her along. Only 3 hours or so I said. Such a bad memory!
We get to the memmorial in short order! Here are the fun gals!

Down to the creek crossings and up the steep trail to see a lot of fungis!

We really enjoyed the organic blueberries, probably why the ascent took so long.

Approaching the alpine we're way past 3 hours, but the views are nice. And we here a lot of avalanches.

The great scenery encourages us to the end of the walkable side of Crossover.
I heard "Are we there yet?" a few times, and then we were!

The trip down was a good hour quicker!

Sorry for my poor memory, but we had fun anyway!
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