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Default Panorama via Helm - Sept.8, 2013

After doing Russet/Musical Bumps and a little more yesterday wasn't sure if I should do another biggie today but my friend really wanted to go since he had never been to Panorama nor from the Cheakamus route. That would make it about 70km I've hiked in the past two days but hey who's counting lol He's not much for the sunrise hikes so we started at about 6:45am. Was nice and cool on the way up, too cool for wasps thankfully (although I knew we would meet some on the way down given it would be warmer). The sky had that September blue feel to it, perfectly clear. Good timing since around lunch it started to cloud over. We seemed to make it to the top before the crowds from Garibaldi Lake made it up there. We spent more than an hour up there but by the time we left, the peak was crowded somewhat. I got chased by a few wasps on the way down, and luckily I nocited a mega size hornet on my ankle before it got its stinger in me. Great day out!

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