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Thanks for the kind comments

Saturday night I had a real breakthrough!!! I finally got the rudder in the water,and not only that,I even found the peddles and adjusted them!!! OMG!!! It's like I've been driving a big old truck with armstrong steering and suddenly, i have one finger power steering!!!! Amazing!!

In my usual childlike exuberant way,I only glanced briefly at the rudder when I first headed out,thought it was somehow for special circumstances that surely,I wouldn't encounter since I was sticking close to home LOLOL!!! As for the peddles,they were up past my knees,so when I initially felt around for them with my feet,I of course couldn't find any,so I thought,the hell with it,and carried on the hard way! No wonder the neighbours where laughing at me!

Needless to say,I am now flying trough the water,I no longer have to paddle on one side at a time,and turning has become an easy task

Today was my first of two days off,and my last two in this paradise on the beach,and I wanted to go for a sunrise paddle. I should have checked the tide,because when the cat woke me up at 4:30 am (as is his habit!) it was the lowest of low tides,and I would have had to carry or drag the kayak way too far,so I took some pictures of the millions of little crabs,and the sky getting brighter

When the tide finally came in enough,I took off on what I think was about a 20km journey It was awesome,but I didn't bring the camera,so no pics. Since it's my last night here,I opted for a fire on the beach tonight,and a midnight swim The water was like glass,and high tide was at 12,moonset shortly thereafter,so it was perfect!

After getting out,I was letting the fire die down so I could lay back and watch the stars. Just as I was getting comfortable,I had the crap scared out of me by the cat (Taten) when he started a low but fierce growl/howling noise..... I thought,oh no!! Last week we had a bear come crashing through our garden at the apartment I live in in Townsite. This place,being 9 kms north of town,prob. see's even more bear activity!! I grabbed my camera and started shooting with the flash on,trying to see what the cat saw...

Then there it was...the predator eyes glowing in the dark....


I proceeded to lay and watch as the falling stars danced across the sky,some with long burning tails I hope to do another long trip tomorrow if my shoulders are good Sure will miss this place,it's been heaven Very grateful for this unexpected,joyful,peaceful last week!!
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