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Default Moab - Monitor and Merrimac

Jul 8, 2013
It's a long drive from Vancouver to Moab, but what a great place. My Saturday morning started with a banana peel toss into the dumpster. There was a scuffle and leaping ball of fur as a disconcerted raccoon leapt out and gave me a dirty look as if to say, "Hey! Watch where you're throwing that!"

We rotated drivers every 2 hours making the trip a little less exhausting. Stayed overnight in Idaho on the way down, then set up camp on Sunday.

Is this campsite home to strange desert sheep?

The activities began on Monday, starting with a bike ride out to the Monitor and Merrimac buttes. The route wraps around and then between the two formations. The sand sucked so we looked for an alternate route back and came across some awesome slickrock. The return was a ton of fun. No pics but I've got some video which I haven't looked through yet.

I got a flat from a cactus needle. One of the joys of riding in the desert. Got another flat later when it turned out I hadn't cleaned the grit out of my tire properly. Paul got a flat while carrying his bike at one point. His tire pressure was too high and the heat of the desert sun caused some serious expansion. Makes sense but was kind of mysterious at the time. The post-ride refreshment erased our memory of the multiple flat tires.

We finished up with a grocery run to City Market in Moab.

Interestingly, finding plain yoghurt can sometimes be a real challenge. Guess this isn't Whole Foods...

First of many great sunsets
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