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Default AfterWorkHike - Needle Peak

[u]AfterWorkHike - Needle Peak</u>

Last night we wanted to do a little after work hike...something quick with a little more of a challenge at the top for some fun...

I put up some posts on CT and FB and ended up with a group of 8.

We left Chilliwack just after 5, arrived before 6 at trailhead and were well on our way up the steep forest by 6:12pm.

The group managed to make it to the top shortly after 8 and enjoyed watching the sunset for a while...checking out the amazing surroundings.

Once we were off the summit block and back to the ridge we bumped into EAK. Had a good chat with him about his solo adventure traverse from Markhor. The bugs weren't so bad now for some reason but we were still a bit twitchy from our bugfest on the way up.

Made it back to the vehicles at around 10, back to Chilliwack by 11'ish.

It was another fantastic evening in the mountains with great company.

Special thanks to our drivers: Peter, Chris, Nigel.

..and it was nice to have a new CT member join us for this one for her first hike in a while.
Please welcome "Beltie" to the hiking community.


some shots I took along the way...enjoy!

Our summit shot, minus 1
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