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quote:Originally posted by johngenx

Make it so we can do our own posts so I can go back and dislike all my own posts.

I have a suggestion. If you like someone's post, perhaps you could construct a sentence similar to:

"I like what you said."

If you don't like what someone said, perhaps...

"I don't agree with you because..."


"I don't like what you said because..."

I realize this causes the most consternation, but it also means trolling and similar (grossly inaccurate/dangerous) comments have some information attached to them.
But that would require actual thought, which is kind of going out of style in this age of textspeak and instant gratification.

The CBC site has a thumbs up or thumbs down option in the comments section. I always do kind of wonder exactly what aspect of what I said wasn't agreed with. 75 "agree" and 57 "disagree" doesn't really tell me anything. Plus they let me agree with my own comment, I think.
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