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Default Whistler Peak and Garibaldi Lake

On June 17th my friends and I spent two nights in Whistler so that we could hike. On Tues. morning we were the first to arrive at the Gondola. Weather was not the best but we were hopeful. Arrived at the top of the mountain. crossed peak to peak (my friends had never been across). Looked down at the Singing Pass Trail. So cool. Blackcomb was covered in cloud so we came back to the roundhouse.

Our plan was to hike the Musical Bumps trail. head to Russet Lake but once at the top we found out that the Peak Chair was closed and all but one trail was open. We knew that we could attempt the hike if we wanted to but due to the changing weather decided to forget it. Hiked up Whistler Peak instead taking the road.

Fortunately the clouds started to clear and we could see what I learned was called the Sun Bowl and what appeared to be the peaks that are part of the Musical Bumps trail.

We continued up the road surprised at the amount of snow.

Harmony Hut (closed).

When we arrived at the top of Whistler Peak we were fortunate to see the clouds rolling away so that we could snap a few different pictures. Can someone tell me what the small lake is called? Thanks in advance.

Heading back down it was cool to see that the Fitzsimmon Valley had cleared plus we were lucky to see a family of 3 bear from the gondola.

In the evening we chilled out in the village. Old ladies.

WED. our plan was GARIBALDI LAKE! For a month this lake was calling my name!

The junction for Taylor Meadows:

Then came across this gorgeous little lake called Barrier Lake.

From here patches of snow started. Nothing major and no need for spikes or snowshoes.

The last km seemed the longest then Garibaldi Lake omg I'd dreamed of this moment: (9 km in).

Once there we noticed the hut! We went in and had our lunch as it was beginning to pour with rain! When we came out it was Nikki who said it was warmer outside the hut than in.

A few more pictures of the lake. I'm a photo junkie.

On the way back:

Also since it had cleared we decided to check out the Barrier viewpoint 100 m off the main trail. Wow and spectacular!

More from the trail:

Waneta's vehicle had not been broken into! Thank God.

All in all it was a great two days despite the weather and we all bought the Whistler hiking season pass so we can go back for more!

Thanks Waneta (CT lurker) and Nikki for joining me. Glad you both could make it!
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